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Nuevo Corrosion and Protection of Reinforced Concrete. Tapa dura Ver más grande

Corrosion and Protection of Reinforced Concrete. Tapa dura


Autor: Brian Cherry y Warren Green
Editorial: CRC Press
Edición: Primera, 2021
Formato: Libro
Tapa dura
402 páginas
Peso: 0,90 Kg
ISBN: 9780367517601

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AutoresBrian Cherry y Warren Green
EditorialCRC Press
Peso0.90 kilos


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Reinforced concrete is the most widely used construction material in the world, and extended performance is rightly expected. Many structures are in aggressive environments, of critical importance and may be irreplaceable, so repair and protection are vital. This book surveys deterioration of concrete, particularly corrosion of the steel reinforcement, and the various chemical, biological, physical and mechanical causes of deterioration. It outlines condition survey and diagnosis techniques by on-site and laboratory measurements. It sets out mechanical methods of protection and repair, such as patching, inhibitors, coatings, penetrants and structural strengthening as well as cathodic protection and other electrochemical methods. This book also gives guidance on preventative measures including concrete technology and construction considerations, coatings and penetrants, alternate reinforcement, permanent corrosion monitoring and durability planning aspects.

Asset managers, port engineers, bridge maintenance managers, building managers, heritage structure engineers, plant engineers, consulting engineers, architects, specialist contractors and construction material suppliers who have the task of resolving problems of corrosion of steel reinforced concrete elements will find this book an extremely useful resource. It will also be a valuable reference for students at postgraduate level.


The late Professor Brian Cherry of Monash University, Melbourne, Australia was one of the world’s leading corrosion science and engineering educators and researchers.

Warren Green of Vinsi Partners, Sydney, Australia is a corrosion engineer and materials scientist. He is also an Adjunct Associate Professor.


1. Steel Reinforced Concrete Characteristics. 

2. Concrete Deterioration Mechanisms (A). 

3. Concrete Deterioration Mechanisms (B). 

4. Corrosion Of Reinforcement (A). 

5. Corrosion Of Reinforcement (B). 

6. Condition Survey And Diagnosis (A) – On-Site Measurements. 

7. Condition Survey And Diagnosis (B) – Laboratory Measurements. 

8. Repair And Protection (A) – Mechanical Methods. 

9. Repair And Protection (B) – Cathodic Protection. 

10. Repair And Protection (C) – Electrochemical Methods. 

11. Preventative Measures. 

12. Durability Planning Aspects