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International Business: The Pocket Guide


Autores: Pablo Vallejo Mejía y Anne Marie Zwerg-Villegas
Editorial: Universidad EAFIT
Edición: Primera, Junio 2008
Formato: Libro
Rústica, 16.5 x 24 cm
142 Páginas
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ISBN: 9587200089


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Reseña. International Business: The Pocket Guide

Economic liberalization, internationalization of markets, and globalization, are three different processes that advance simultaneously threatening those who avoid adapting to them and offering incommensurable opportunities to those who do. This text is a primer for colombian students who are just initiating their studies of International Business and particularly focused for those who are interested in competitive international trade. While there are many valuable and highly recommended texts on the subject. International Business: The Pocket Guide is the one that unites the most crucial information from the Colombian perspective and in language appropriate for those for whom English is a foreign language





Contenido. International Business: The Pocket Guide

Part I
The internationalization of business

1. Internationalization
2. Neoliberalism

Part II
Analysis of foreign market environments

1. The Political environment
The system
The Structure

2. The Economic Environment
The Potencial of the Market
The Balance of Payments and Foreign Debt
The Inflation Rate
The Montary, Fiscal, and Foreign Exchange Policies
The Management of the Exchange Rate
The Level of Economic Development
Physical and Institutional Infraestructure
The level of Industrialization
Foreign Invesrmnet
The Systemic Factors of Competitiveness

3. The Legal Environment
Legal systems
Barriers to trade
Industrial property

4. The Cultural Environment
Anthropological Definition of Culture
Cultural Elements
The Information Technology Imperative Index

Part III
Competitive firm internationalization

Comparative advantage and competitive advantage
1. Competitive analysis
2. Competitive elements

Part IV
Penetration of international markets

1. First –incursions
2. Importation
3. Exportation
4. The Incoterms
5. Commercial documents
6. Gradualness in the internactionalization process
7. Logistics

Part V
Glossary of international business terms